Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love My Eyes

As many of you well know, I had PRK surgery this past February. Although the recovery from this procedure did take a few months, I am loving my "new" eyes.

If any are considering having eye surgery, you shouldn't wait. In fact, you should have done it yesterday. Use your flexible spending money. Finance it. Save up for it and pay it off in cash beforehand. Whatever it takes! I highly recommend it. And if you're in Utah, there is only one place to go: Hoopes Vision. They are absolutely the best!

One thing that has been made much easier has been traveling. No need to worry about carting a big bottle of saline solution and taking an extra pair of contacts, just in case. No dry eyes on the airplane for me. The other best part has just been revealed to me as I have spent the past two days home sick from work. Since I didn't have a current prescription of glasses, wearing contacts was my only option, and let me tell you, waking up in the middle of the night and trying to watch TV or napping on the couch was certainly made quite a bit easier this time around by not having to deal with contact lenses. I have yet to try my new eyes out in the swimming pool, but I can't wait to open my eyes under water for the first time in a long time and not suffer from the sticky, itchy red eyes syndrome that occurs when contacts get in touch with water.

Because of a 10 year habit developed with contact lens wearing, many times since my eye surgery, I've had to resist the urge to take out my contacts and place them in a saline-filled lens case as part of my bedtime routine. Now it's wash the face, lotion the face, brush the teeth (and sometimes floss), say my prayers, and go to bed. It really is a shorter process night and morning.

I'm just so grateful that I was able to have this surgery. The investment will probably pay for itself over time, but the years of precise vision given back to me truly is priceless (insert cheesy television commercial here)!

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