Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have a quick second before I have to go back to work. So, the segment on GTU was fun and short. The funniest part of the day is when I came home to drop some some stuff off and eat lunch before heading to work. I wondered what I should eat...well, duh I still have 7 pizza pretzels. Even though I thought about it eating a salad instead, I decided why not. Isn't that why they were made? TO BE ENJOYED!

And dang, those pizza pretzels are actually quite delicious. Just thought I'd remind myself that not only are they a novel concept, but quite tasty too! Just follow the recipe found on

Here's a link to my story featured on Good Things Utah, ABC4's website. It has more details on "my story." I'll post a link to the TV clip (you can look for it here--I don't know when they'll put it up) if I find another "quick second" in the next few days. Don't forget to READ ME!


Lynn said...

Watched the video online...looking good! Though honestly, did she even take enough of your pretzel to taste it? Did Hylan go again this time?

Emily said...

Thanks buddy. NO, Marti is a bread/carb shunner (at least she was when I used to watch the show) so I was surprised she sampled at all. Maybe I should have ripped one open and dunked it and gloated over it. Oh well. Hylan had meetings at work today that he couldn't get out of, so I went solo.