Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Jarred Marinara Sauce

Last night I made pizza pretzels. For Pillsbury, I have to decide on the brand of dipping sauce I will use when I present my recipe to the judges. So, we invited Lynn and Nick over to taste test four different sauces: Prego Traditional, Barilla Marinara, Newman's Own Marinara, and Emeril's Home Style Marinara.

For the blind taste test, I marked four bowls A, B, C, and D and the corresponding lids of the jars A, B, C, and D. On a piece of paper we ranked the sauces on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the best. Here are the results:
Average Score
A - Prego Traditional - 7
B- Barilla Marinara - 5.25
C - Newman's Own Marinara - 6.5
D- Emeril's Home Style Marinara - 7.25
The actual score doesn't matter so much but the fact that A and D were the clear favorites (with Emeril's edging out Prego) is significant.
Therefore, in my blind taste test with a sample size of 4, we concluded Emeril's Home Style Marinara the winner! This sauce has a thick consistency with a deep tomato, slightly sweet perfect blend of herbs and spices flavor, perfect for pizza pretzel dipping sauce! Prego had a similar taste but was a little less thick and a little sweeter. The Barilla sauce had a mild tomato flavor with a strong olive oil taste. Newman's own tasted salty and watered down to me, however was voted the best by one constituent on the panel.
And that's about as scientific as I get. Anyone need some extra pasta sauce? Guess who's having spaghetti tonight?!


Caroline said...

I think you should do it again so Aaron and I can vote:)

Emily said...

Sounds good. We asked how you were doing, but they said they've only seen you once.

Anonymous said...

I think you should do it again too. But, you need to make a trip to Rexburg and do it :) I want to taste :( I miss you and love yah!

Em said...

MMMM spaghetti sounds good. Maybe we'll be having that for dinner too.

Emily said...

...still have jars of sauce in my fridge...still have not eaten spaghetti.

Anonymous said...


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