Sunday, September 13, 2009

Uncle I-Win

When we were in Pennsylvania in August, Hylan's nieces lovingly called him "Uncle I-Win" or alternatively, "Uncle Island."

After giving his nieces a dance lesson, Belle gives her Uncle a great big hug whilst Madeleine giggles in the background. Notice the pjs with tutus--the latest trend in girl's fashionwear. Love it! :)

Too adorable for words.


Sarah R. said...

I have been driving myself crazy with my procrastination in regards to your cake caddy. So, tonight I ordered one through Amazon. It will be here in a few days and then, I will bring it over. Of course, it will NOT be put in my trunk-EVER!
Thanks for being patient!
Sarah Reinwand

queendeni said...

Ohhhhhh, there are girls in your future!!