Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Experimentations--YUM!

I like to be domestic. I really do. I love to cook. I really love to cook. Unfortunately, I don't usually get home until 7:30 or 8:00 pm Mon-Thurs, so I don't do dinner. I eat breakfast. I assemble my lunch the night before, but cook a dinner? Sadly, once a week is considered a success for me these days.

Sometimes there's a rare Sunday where we're not visiting family and I get to cook--a meal. Not just dessert like chocolate pudding cake (sorry to my 23 year-old sister-in-law for making a "little kid" birthday cake as Hylan put it, but it sure was tasty) or this super delish Key Lime Pie (wish I had a picture)!

I often pride myself on being resourceful and using up ingredients I have and creating my own recipes. This Sunday, thanks to 1:00 pm church, I welcomed two more successful recipes into my repertoire--breakfast and dinner!
Giant Pizza Omelet (turkey pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella, onion, and fresh basil and parsley from my garden! Awesome! and quite tasty!!)

My portion of breakfast with toast and homemade strawberry freezer jam (so glad sis and I made that two months ago before the job)!

Shrimp Cakes with with Roasted Asparagus on a bed of lettuce (my potion).

Hylan's Dinner portion

Give me a break, I'm not a photographer, just a eater and a blogger. Our concoction turned out better than our expectations.

And finally, I have no pictures to document, but on Thursday I came home from yoga to meal of baked salmon with butter dill sauce, steamed asparagus, and shrimp fettuccine. Thanks to my wonderful loving did he know I wanted a delicious home-cooked healthy meal? That very same day I thought to myself that I needed a me to cook for me. So it worked out. Good times. Good life.

Another busy week ahead! Time to get ready...

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