Tuesday, June 2, 2009

80 Roses

Last Wednesday, May 27th, Hylan walked into my office at BYU with these!

Nothing special about that day. Not apologizing for anything. Just to say, "I love you."

My co-workers and other BYU employees rather enjoyed looking at them for the remainder of the week, until I brought them home on Friday afternoon. Imagine me driving home with these between my legs, right hand steadying the heavy vase, left hand on the steering wheel, and the tops of the roses coming up to just under my chin. Turning corners presented a bit of a problem and I bet I looked somewhat comical, so I'm sure glad that commute is only about 12 minutes!

There were a total of 80, but you're probably only seeing about 65 because I snipped the ends, changed the water, removed the leaves, and got rid of the droopy ones after I got home.

Hylan's the best! :o)


Marissa Marie said...

They're gorgeous. He's a keeper!

Holly Janeen said...


The Meade's said...

beautiful!!! Got to love the men like that hu?!! So were at BYU are you working? Where about are you two living? We are moving back this summer and looking for a place to rent. A cheap place of course!! If you know of a place keep us posted. We are not really looking until Sept time. xxx