Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Ratings and Hylan Wolverine

Last week, Hylan and I had a nice restful extended weekend full of movie-watching. Here are my ratings:

Angels & Demons - B+

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - C

X-Men Origins - B-

Paul Blart: Mall Cop - D+

I don't give many "A" ratings, because they are reserved for very special and wonderful movies. "B" rated movies are considered good and would be recommended with a few reservations. "C" movies may have some value, but overall, they probably don't possess all of the right elements to be recommended, or would be recommended with strong reservations. "D" movies are time-wasters and would never be recommended. I rarely watch movies I think would be an "F" rating.

Hylan really got into the spirit of the X-men movie on Memorial Day. Can you tell? The next day he came to meet me for lunch at work still looking like this. Silly boy.


DP said...

But are you going to see Star Trek?? I don't have a sophisticated scale, but I done liked it.

Holly Janeen said...


i am glad that you and hylan are movie raters and watchers like us. its the best.