Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Moment to Mourn

I'm excited for my new job but I will miss a few things, like:
  • sleeping in!
  • 3 hour hikes in the summertime in the mountains
  • folding laundry while watching daytime talkshows or the news
  • checking CNBC for the latest stock updates
  • mid-morning workouts at the gym
  • early afternoon workouts at the gym
  • 3:00 pm showers because of said early afternoon workouts
  • two-a-day workouts (cardio during the day and evening fitness classes)
  • planning and preparing meals
  • baking often
  • spending time with my sis and nieces whenever we feel like it during daytime hours
  • helping people out when they need it
  • being healthy and avoiding illness
  • keeping my home spotless 24/7 without fail, and cleaning even when it looks clean
  • grocery shopping during non busy times
  • blogging frequently
  • plenty of time to "get everything done" every single day

Alright, alright, I could go on and on...but let me vent for a sec, please?

There are plenty of benefits to full time employment especially at my new job, but I'm mourning the loss of my old life for a moment and then I'll move on.

Well, Happy Anniversary to me and Hylan on Monday, April 13th. Three years and counting. I couldn't have made a better decision without divine inspiration!

Happy new week to all of my blogging buddies!!! :)


Holly Janeen said...

hope your anniversary! you two are so awesome.
you and i are so alike... i always make lists of things i will miss about old jobs. well, that is... when i HAD jobs.

anyways, congrats and goodluck!

Holly Janeen said...

lol... i meant to say, hope your anniversary is great... happy anniversary! but instead i gave the VERY short nonsense version... sorry!