Sunday, February 8, 2009

Excellent Eatables

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but lately my chosen recipes and consequent tweaks have been WINNERS! This is some of the grub I've made during the past week. I'm always interested in making recipes better, or modifying based on my own ingredients and circumstances, so really these recipes served as inspiration for some great meals, but you'll get the idea.


BBQ Pulled Pork Fajitas

Slow cooker deliciousness with a few of my own modifications.

Seven Layer Dip

I added fresh guacamole; Hylan raved over this one!

Football Jigglers

Simple, classic, Super Bowl necessity.

Ham and Potato Soup

I used chicken stock instead of water and bouillon, as well as sauteing the veggies first instead of boiling. It turns out creamy and delicious! Garnish with scallions, diced ham, crunch croutons, sour cream and/or cheese.

Baked Rigatoni

This recipe is for ziti, but obviously I substituted rigatoni, not to mention I doubled it to feed a crowd and added beef and sweet Italian sausage to round it out.

Cool 'N' Easy Strawberry Pie

I've made this pie since I was a teenager. It really does need some berries to top it off, but otherwise it's the simplest of yummy delicious recipes ever--and I love the various pastel colors/flavors you can make!

Baked French Toast Casserole

I am in love with this new recipe I found courtesy of Paula Deen. It turned out nutty and crusty, soft, pillowy and sweet! TRY IT for a delicious breakfast indulgence. I halved the recipe to use up leftover french bread and because it was just Sunday brunch for Hylan and I.


DP said...

Wow, this looks delicious. You've made that strawberry pie since you were a teenager?? How is it that I have never tasted it?!

I think I'm going to try the baked rigatoni this week.

Holly Janeen said...

you are HANDS DOWN one of the best cooks i know.
i still dream about those dehydrated apples that you brought to the halloween bash.
muchas gracias for sharing your skills with the rest of the world :)