Monday, February 2, 2009

How do you celebrate Groundhog's Day?

Maybe you're not like me. Maybe you didn't grow up in an elementary school in Pennsylvania. Maybe you didn't celebrate Groundhog Day by coloring pictures and making paper groundhogs pop out of paper bags in hopes that Punxsutawney Phil (or even more locally, Octorara Orphie) wouldn't see his shadow because you always wanted spring to be just around the corner...and still do!

Maybe you don't cling to your Pennsylvania roots because you now live in Utah, and for you, the Steelers winning the Super Bowl is second only to an Eagles Super Bowl victory.

Maybe you haven't watched the movie "Groundhog Day" a million times, because whenever it's on, it just draws you in, even though it repeats the same scenes over and over.

Maybe you aren't surfing the internet trying to find some way to celebrate Groundhog Day, other than just acknowleding it, because you want to start traditions in your family for your future Pennsylvania-deprived children.
Maybe you can't relate at all because you're not like me, but this is what I'm thinking about today: Pennsylvania!


DP said...

Are you kidding? Have you seen my Facebook status?

David and Emily said...

I'm like you! Pennsylvania, Groundhog day, Steelers, Emily... we're basically the same person. H

heatherhite said...

AWWWW! Wish you were here! We had your parents over for the game! It was fun! I'd rather watch it with your parents than my dad. At one point, my dad was yelling at the tv and your mom said "Ablahblahblahblah. That's the stain on my shirt talking." I laughed hard for a good five minutes.

queendeni said...

I was hoping the cardinals would win! Shoot!

Holly Janeen said...

wow... i had no idea you were so closely linked to GROUNDHOG DAY!!! its one heck of a holiday ;)

i personally have always celebrated groundhog day... but JEFFREY, he didn't even know it existed. and i was like, HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW ABOUT GROUNDHOG DAY? and he was like... what happens? and i said... um, hello- this groundhog named Puxatawny Phil comes out and tries to look for his shadow and predicts what the next four weeks of weather will be like. and you know what Jeff said to that? "how old is he?"... gosh silly husband... pretty sure its not the same groundhog since the first groundhogs day.

anyways... way cool post.