Friday, November 21, 2008

Go COUGARS!!!! and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shame on me for being so excited about Christmas before Thanksgiving. I'm the one who can't stand Christmas decorations or music until "Black Friday." Sorry, it's just that I want to give Thanksgiving all of the attention it deserves for being one of my most favorite holidays. Who wouldn't love delicious food, football, and family? Can't wait to see my San Diego fam!

But speaking about football. If you're a BYU Cougar fan, you must listen to the parody song I've posted. If not, you can commiserate with my husband when we upset Utah's BCS chances. (I had a dream BYU won 10-0!)

Okay, okay, I have to be honest the scale is tipping in favor of the U, because it's their home game and they may have a slightly better team, but it doesn't matter what kind of season either team is having, it's always going to be a game! A true holy war! :) Can't wait to watch, tomorrow at 4:00 pm, MST.

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