Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coveting Gorgeous Jewelry

Since the economy is tumultous and the government won't bail us out (kidding), I decided to do some coveting. Below is my second most favorite ring of all time and someday, even though it is completely superficial, I want to wear it on my right hand. I still can't decide what color yet though, because ruby is my birthstone, pink sapphire embodies the essence of Emily, blue sapphire is simply gorgeous and complements my eyes, and diamonds are this girl's best friend. Whatever am I to do? What's your vote?

Check out to do some coveting of your own. It's my fave!

And if only I had several thousand dollars to throw around frivolously, I would buy my sweetheart this gorgeous watch, even though he has more of a blue collar job now and rarely wears jewelry anymore (this is a guy who wore three rings and a watch when I first started dating him--crazy, I know!), I still want him to have it. It is so much more impressive in person, but this is a diamond encrusted Movado men's watch, and he deserves it, even if he'll only wear it to church on Sundays when he remembers (I frequently have to remind him to wear his wedding band because he's gotten so out of the habit).

But alas, for now I don't need such things, nor will I ever need them, but I still think they're purrty and I can still dream of grandeur. :)


heatherhite said...

Right there with you! Those rings are lovely! And yes, when Benedick changes his mind and decides the world must be peopled, I always smile!

BrittbeeLynn said...

That's a gorgeous ring :) I've never been a huge fan of birthstones. For me, I would pick the rubies, but you're right about the pink sapphires...they're 100% Emily!!

Marissa Marie said...

I think at first glance, my eyes are drawn to the ruby ring. All of them are gorgeous though. And that watch is awesome!

Carrie Lynn said...

Beautiful! Although sapphire is my birthstone, I'm all about the least I can dream. :) We'll dream together!

Evin said...
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