Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Dog Drawing

This is a blog for all of my dog-loving blogging friends out there, because I know you are numerous and I know you love your adorable pets.

I found this art print for sale in an Overstock.com catalogue (uh, yeah I was thinking since when did they start sending catalogues in the mail?). By the way, I think they should rename the company, “Overpricedstuff.com,” but that’s just my opinion.

Picasso The Dog Drawing on Paper Framed Art Print

Our Price: $59.99
Compare at: $101.43

Savings: 41% off

I mean, are you as dumbfounded as me? $59.99 for a print of a childish—look at me I didn’t take my pen off the paper—drawing of a dog in a chintzy frame! Sheesh! I can't even imagine what the real Picasso is worth. :-0

I don’t wish to offend, so if this is an item you’d like to purchase, let’s make a deal. I will personally make an exact replica of this item complete with black frame for the low price of just $24.99 (a savings of nearly 60%!). Not only will it be authentic (hand drawn, not a print) but I’ll even customize it for you in your favorite color. Sound fair?

This is for my cat loving friends and epitomizes my reaction to overstock.com. I’ll even be so kind as to let you view it for free right here on my blog. No kidding!

Ha ha! Baby animals make me smile everytime! Hylan thinks this is a "doctored" image, but I think it's just plain cute so it doesn't really matter. I also think this is the image we should all think of whenever we have that dumbfounded shock feeling. Tiger cub image = chuckle, ie diffuses a stressful situation. :)

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