Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Emily is Ecstatic

Lists are easy to read, so I think I'll blog another list.

8.) I got Nature Valley Granola Bars and Fiber One Bars for just $1.00 a box at Smith's this week. Yes, one dollar. And I didn't even have to use a coupon. They are normally around $3.50 per box.

7.) Michael Phelps, gold medals, olympic/world records--need I say more?

6.) Nastia and Shawn finished 1, 2 in the women's gymnastics all-around.

5.) After my sister asked her three year-old daughter if she remembered seeing her new baby brother's picture (from a sonogram), she replied, "it was too abstract for me." Too funny.

4.) I've realized if I would have grown taller and grown up in Southern California, I would have been a beach volleyball player...Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are so much fun to watch!

3.) Team USA Men's 400 IM and Lezak's amazing finish to beat the Frenchies! (I still love the French--I cried for the guy who got 3rd in the men's gymnastics all-around.)

2.) Today is my Grandma's birthday! Happy 85th!!!! :) :)

1.) And the absolute number one reason to be ecstatic and the impetus for this blog is...drum roll please...I just bought tickets for the BOYZ II MEN concert at the Scera Center! Ever since I was 10 years old and "Motownphilly" was released, this has been my favorite male group. I'm so excited they are still going at it (sans Mike, the deep bass--he had to quit due to back pain issues) and that they are coming to little old Orem, UT. I remember once they were performing in Philly when I was teenager, and all I wanted was to go to that many years later and I finally get my chance!!! I'll be sure to blog about it after August 28th!

Not to mention, Alicia Keys and So You Think You Can Dance are coming to Salt Lake in September. Could I be any happier? If only I had tickets to these concerts too. It's my three favorite dream concerts all in the course of a month. Omigosh! Anyone want to lend me a couple hundred dollars? Hylan? Anybody? :)


Amy said...

Ha ha. Boyz II Men. I'm so jealous. If I was in Utah I would totally go with you :)

Emily said...

I wish you were because that would be fun! I forgot to add to the list the Eagles victory on Thursday night!!!

Marissa Marie said...

Ha ha, love the list! And I think I need "Need a margarita", you made it sound heavenly!