Sunday, July 20, 2008

Were you a part of the millions?

We were! We proudly admit that we were a part of the record-breaking millions who saw "The Dark Knight" this past weekend. This longish movie is worth every penny spent to see it in the theater and lives up to all the positive critical hype.

I think Heath Ledger truly outdid himself in portraying the sadistic Joker, and I still think Christian Bale is a perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman. Maggie Gyllenhaal was more than a step up from Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. I just wish she would have been in "Batman Begins," because Holmes was one of that movie's only faults. And I absolutely adore Michael Caine as Alfred.

Anyway, there are endless layers and themes to this movie worthy of discussion, so go see it with someone who is a good conversationalist, because you're sure to have a great conversation afterward.

And a word to the wise: this movie is definitely not for kids. It's not overly graphic, nor gratuitously violent, but the themes are far above a sweet child's sensitivities.

Finally, a movie worth seeing. Finally, movie makers who actually put some effort into creating brilliant works of art.

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