Friday, February 8, 2008

Product and Recipe Recommendations

Last night after returning from yoga at 8:15 pm, Hylan asks me, "what's for dinner?" Although I often plan a meal at night, I didn't this night because there was a well-stocked fridge, freezer, and pantry. Apparently, Hylan forgets how to feed himself when he gets home from a long day of work if I haven't planned it out ahead of time.

My solution was a quick, simple, and delicious supper. A tossed salad I had mixed the day earlier came in handy as a healthy appetizer and a way to get Hylan to eat vegetables while I prepared the rest of his meal. Although, I love to make soups from scratch because they taste better, have less sodium, and overall are usually healthier, sometimes you need something in a pinch. Campbell's Select makes a delicious tomato basil soup that was perfectly complemented by a grilled monterey jack and roasted chicken pita pocket. I happened to have homemade yummy pitas last week and froze them in the freezer, as well as putting in the time to get all of the meat off of a store-bought roasted chicken. And "tadah," a quick, simple, and delicious dinner in a pinch.

The moral of the story is planning and organizing ahead of time really pays off when trying to put together a quick, simple, and delicious supper. Sounds like a Rachael Ray tip to me!

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Santa's Little Helper said...

That does sound yummy. How do you make pitas?