Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big News

Until I find the camera cord to upload pictures from our PA and NYC experience over the holidays, I thought I needed to post our big news...


To which I responded, "grow it back!" I like the grizzly distinguished look.


Here's our Christmas card 2007. (Hylan with beard)

10.) Hylan’s work hours changed from 7-12pm to 7-12am after Hylan left Chase Bank to start his own company.
9.) Apparently granite has more uses than we ever imagined possible.
8.) Emily is happy to be living back in Cougar Country (Orem).
7.) Hylan is suspicious of why the Ute football team has lost to BYU since he has been married.
6.) Hylan is continuing to make Emily’s dreams come true by taking her to two American Idol concerts (Elliott Yamin & 2007 Top Ten).
5.) On a Southern California vacation, Emily discovered Rodeo Drive and declared, “I think I could live here.”

4.) The nieces in our families make us think we might have kids someday, but the nephews make us think…we can wait a little longer. (Just kidding, we love you all!)
3.) Hylan emceed the Miss Utah County pageant as a favor to his cousin and realized that growling at her in a leopard print dress isn’t funny to a pageant crowd.
2.) This Halloween, Hylan literally turned into a werewolf—he still hasn’t turned back (see above picture.)
1.) Hylan and Emily found marital bliss when they discovered separate bathrooms!

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Santa's Little Helper said...

That is quite the beard. All he needs is a flannel shirt and an axe in hand...and he would be a true mountain man! Thanks for the updates!