Saturday, November 3, 2007

Running is FUNdamental!

This past Saturday we had a combined Orem Stakes 5K race. I’ve always wanted to run an organized race, so I thought this might be fun. These are the top 10 things that I learned.

10. Running is not fun. Running a race is only fun after you’ve finished the race.
9. Take at least two people with you: one can run with you, the other can hold your keys
and cheer you on from the sideline. (I went by myself, but I’m not bitter towards my
8. Running on grass is much harder than a treadmill.
7. Running outside in 32 degree weather is much harder than 72 degree “gym weather.”
6. Running without the distraction of those crazy ladies on “The View” who say
nonsensical things about politics, celebrities, and such is much harder than listening to
the sound of your labored breath.
5. Next time, if running alone, wear pocketed pants and bring an ipod!
4. Make sure you are wearing cute running clothes. At least you’ll feel confident and look
like a “real runner.”
3. The most important thing is not to compare your self to all those obviously avid runners
who run six minute miles and rather compare yourself to the thousands of people who
could be there but chose not to.
2. Come up with a good excuse for why you are so slow like: I have a chronic illness and
tomorrow my legs are going to be amputated so this is the last race I’ll ever run.
(Everyone will just feel bad for you and forget how slow your time is). Or, just say,“I
just had a baby” and no one will judge you.
1. You always win if you meet your personal goal. (cheesy? yes, but it is true)

When I got home from the race, Hylan asked me if I won. I just smirked with a “are you kidding me” look in my eyes. And then I thought about it...and said, “yes!” My goal was not to come in last place and to run under a certain amount of time. I did both, so yes, I won! By the way, the fastest time was something like 18 minutes and some odd seconds ran by a young man. He obviously does cross country and track “for a living” in high school.

This is me taking a self-timed picture to prove I actually ran a race. Sorry it's crooked. (I love my Eagles beanie!)


Santa's Little Helper said...

There are some crazy runners, eh? That's why I don't call myself a "runner", I'm a "jogger". Races are good in the sense that they give you a goal to work towards. I agree with the distractions bit. Watching something, listening to music, all of that stuff keeps you going.

heatherhite said...

Hey, you made it through, and that's more than I would EVER be able to do, so, YES! You DID win!!! Good job!. No, fabulous job! (And might I say I'm a little envious)

Hansen Family said...

ha ha! That's awesome! I'm so proud of you! That's been one of my goals too, so maybe I'll get on that now!