Monday, October 29, 2007

Creative Ambitions

So I had to fill out this questionaire for Relief Society so they can write up a special feature on me in the weekly newsletter. I filled it with the usual pink flamingo, Reggie Miller, Strawberry Shortcake, Key West, and football-type answers, but to the question: "what are your life ambitions?" I discovered something new about myself. At first I thought of answering it with something cliche like, "bring cheer to the world," and then I realized how lame and utopian that sounded, so I decided to say something more concrete and actually ambitious-sounding that was besides my future most important calling (motherhood). No one need read further into that.

Anyway, so I'm sure you're dying to hear what my life's ambition is, right? Other than going to Maui and riding in a hot-air balloon, something my creative side wants to accomplish is...drum roll write a cookbook and try to get it published! Thanks to Santa's Little Helper, who has decided to write a fiction book of her own, I have an even greater motivation to accomplish this project.

I just don't have my "hook" yet. What could I possibly write and create that would be different and more interesting than the thousands of other cookbooks out there? I'm not sure yet, but all I know is that each recipe has to have a picture displaying the finished fare, because I hate recipe books that have no pictures! They just ain't as fun!!

I'd appreciate any and all ideas you may have.

As a side, tonight I invented a new recipe: butternut squash chicken pot pie. It turned out quite good and I already have ideas of how to tweek it to make it even more special. Think a classic chicken pot pie with the addition of butternut squash puree in the gravy chicken and veggie mixture topped with puff pastry.

I get tons of inspiration from Iron Chef America, Rachael, Giada, Paula, Ina, Emeril, Tyler, Bobby, Mario, among others. Shout out to the delicious Food Network.

Some of my faves: football, hot air balloons, Key West, Flamingos, Reggie Miller, & Miss Shortcake


Santa's Little Helper said...

I love cookbooks. It sounds like you eat pretty healthy, so that could be a hook? I have no idea, but I want a copy when you're done.

Hansen Family said...

Yum yum and more yum. I'm thinking my mom's pot pie with squash and that sounds delightfully yummy and autumn like. And PS I'd buy 10 of your cookbooks! Is that cliche enough for you?